Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Birding update 07/07/2016

Puffins last i have found them on Sanday , two groups one group of 23 and one group of 17, awesome little birds and so glad i have caught up with them. The Black Guillemot are doing really well and according to my diary i have now counted 48 active nests , and thats only part of the island so i hope to get out nd do some more counting soon. Other auks that are doing well on Sanday are Razorbill with a few chicks now being fed regularly.
Arctic terns are doing exceptionally well with over 5 sites and i estimate nearly 350 pairs !!!!!!!
Fulmars are still sitting tight on eggs and i hope to see some chicks soon as they near the end of their incubation. Gulls are doing well and are about to fledge all over the island .
The short eared owls have now got chicks and i hope when they fledge that i will get the chance to photograph them . I am still seeing Hen Harrier daily but i dont believe they have bred on Sanday and i think they are just young birds or failed breeders.
Otters are giving plenty of opportunities and I see them everywhere, I took a group of photographers to get up close with them and that we did ,  a mum and a cub stayed very close and played in the surf . The clients were very happy with their experience.

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