Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Yellow wagtails

I have been watching a pair of yellow wagtails for a while now, when i first saw the birds i just presumed they were on passage through. I saw a female first and then a week later a male ............i then found that the male was a bit of regular ...............

And then i saw this the male in flight with ....................... FOOD.

Babies on their way.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

In appreciation of plants

As i have said i am in to all wildlife and fauna and on my recent jaunts i have turned to the flowers, the birds are all busy nesting and feeding young so i thought i would get down on the ground and look at these beautiful flowers.

Early purple orchid

Bee Orchid

Early purple Orchid

Bee Orchid

Yellow flag iris

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Early mornings and late nights

I have not found much time to blog lately so i have put a selection of photos on here from the last couple weeks again, some very early mornings and late nights. Have seen a lot of nesting birds and hope to get a lot more images over next couple weeks . The main picture on here of interest to me is the Grasshopper warbler as this is a brilliant bird that you very rarely see but you hear without knowing as it sounds just like a grasshopper which is how it got its name.

Corn bunting pair
Grasshopper warbler
Sedge warbler now over 8 singing males

A young fox not a good shot but it was 5 in the morning and very misty as you can tell from the shots below

Nests in the wood

After dipping on a Hoopoe :( at our local reserve Ben and i thought we would have a quick look round and see what we could find, was not long before my ears found us this rather neat family of great spotted woodpeckers. Beautifully striking and a glimpse of their young , here are the pics.

More goldcrest pics

Dont you love photography when its easy , sitting on my lunch break about by the pond in the sun taking pictures of these little delights . . . . . brilliant