Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

birding 31/05/2016

So many birds so little time , so I will start with Short eared owls , have fond now three territories that are going well mating seen at two territories and one pair courting. So all is looking good for the shorties this year . Will keep you updated.
Arctic Skua are doing well I have a gorgeous pair that i witnessed mating and chasing off anything that moved in their field, One of the pair is a light bellied form and the other of the  pair is a dark bellied form so i will hopefully get photos of both.
Great skua are doing really well and you cant walk down a beach without one whizzing pass your head. Waders are now settling down on eggs and be careful around the Oystercatchers as they are starting to dive bomb people.
This beautiful bird is a black guillemot and are currently looking for nesting sites on the cliffs. I have started conting the shag colonies around the island and i am up to 63 pairs so far which is a great number :)

Sunday, 8 May 2016


We have had our first fledglings on Sanday , as i have mentioned in previous posts the Ravens start breeding early. They have now started leaving nests, I got to witness my first flight by a Raven which was very nerve racking as the nest is placed 50ft above the sea on a cliff. I thought i was going to shut my eyes at one point but the little Raven did a great job and manged to get back to the top of the cliff. Over the next couple weeks they will get stronger and fly further until they no longer rely on their parents for help.
Picture of one of the Raven fledglings.

 Lots of other birds are starting to display and breed , Eider and Black Guillemot are two that i have noticed lately are going at it like its valentines day.
Have seen more migrants with Hirundines such as Swallow , House martin  and Sand martin numbers  are increasing daily. Arctic Skua and terns numbers are also on the rise and i have seen dark bellied and light bellied forms of the Arctic Skua which is nice.
Hoping to get some shots of a Great Northern Diver this week who is currently moulting in to its adult plumage and looking stunning, so will bring you that as soon as i can.
On a floral note i have a good number of Primula scottica so will be taking photos of these Scottish Primrose this week as well.