Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

birding 31/05/2016

So many birds so little time , so I will start with Short eared owls , have fond now three territories that are going well mating seen at two territories and one pair courting. So all is looking good for the shorties this year . Will keep you updated.
Arctic Skua are doing well I have a gorgeous pair that i witnessed mating and chasing off anything that moved in their field, One of the pair is a light bellied form and the other of the  pair is a dark bellied form so i will hopefully get photos of both.
Great skua are doing really well and you cant walk down a beach without one whizzing pass your head. Waders are now settling down on eggs and be careful around the Oystercatchers as they are starting to dive bomb people.
This beautiful bird is a black guillemot and are currently looking for nesting sites on the cliffs. I have started conting the shag colonies around the island and i am up to 63 pairs so far which is a great number :)

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