Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Thursday, 18 February 2016

beach combing

Have had  a great few days, my parents are on the island to visit us and we are having a great time. Walks on the beach have been so much fun, the boys are getting good at looking for treasures. My dad not so good at looking much to our amusement.
Our dog is always with us and being a border collie will walk all day long , we had fun making the most of the sun and low tide. I love trying different things with my photography so decided i would get a photo of the shadows we were making.
The shot above shows just why the birdlife on thee island is so abundant , these worm casts went for miles. Tonnes of food for hungry mouths!!! My dad is a birdwatcher like myself and we have had a good couple of days 3 hen harriers on the first day along with merlin and peregrine . Short eared owl, slavonian grebe, black guillemot and snow buntings were also highlights.

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