Adam Hough Photography

Adam Hough Photography

Friday, 29 January 2016

Windy day

The highest wind speed today the 29/01 has been 94mph with the average hovering about 55mph , so it is an indoor day. The children are off school so I am catching up on my blog. So i have been focusing all my attention on one area which is slowly paying off , i an getting to know the animals and more importantly the animals are getting accustomed to me. This is important as they will let me get closer if they trust me.

This female otter is becoming really confiding and i have found out from locals she has been in the area for a couple years , my hope is she stays around.
Along the same beach i found a Red Throated Diver which are common in summer but not winter. It must be good fishing in the bay as there were around 6 grey seals feeding as well . While I was with the otter a male also visited but only hung around for half an hour , possibly an old cub or the love interest of the female otter i have been following , i will keep you updated as i find out. 

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